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Free Re-Inspection 

With Purchase of Standard Home Inspection 

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Contact ACE HUGHES For Affordable Lawn Care & Minor Home Repairs 

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  • Make Sure Required Repairs Have Been Completed
    1 hr
    Prices Vary
  • "Ensure Quality of Your Investment"
    3 hr
    Prices Vary
  • Get Your Home Inspected For Termites
    1 hr
    Prices Vary
  • 1 hr
    $200 per session
  • Maximized Protection
    4 hr
    Prices Vary
  • Pre-Drywall inspection For Newly Built Homes
    1 hr
    Prices Vary
  • Asbestos is a toxic material that can be fatal
    1 hr
    250 US dollars
  • Find Out The Correct Square Footage Of Your Investment
    1 hr
    $125 per session
  • 30 min
    $50 per session